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What we do

What we do

We produce Slideshows made up of your favourite photographs and digital video files.

We use professional software and can add effects, transitions and music to make up a show which you will treasure and which also make excellent gifts for friends and family. 

These shows are normally produced on DVD-R discs which can then be played back on virtually all DVD players. We can if requested and for an extra charge produce screensavers, executable files, Autorun CD's or a web show which can be loaded onto your own personal web site. 

We will take your pictures and, with your help, will organise them into sections to tell the story of an individuals life , produce a record of your holiday travels, show your wedding day, your child's birthday or whatever occasion you want to record.

Your pictures can be sent to us in the form of prints, negatives, slides or digital files.

At this time we can only accept video files in digital format (avi, mp4, wmv etc)

We  will do basic corrections to your pictures  (colour correction, remove simple dust and scratches) and can, if necessary make more extensive repairs to damaged prints. (There will be an extra charge should more extensive repairs are required).

We will produce the show with a layout and style to suit the occasion, the disc itself can be customised with a picture and text to your requirements and the case cover can also be customised to your requirements.

 We treat your photographs with the utmost care and privacy is also maintained. We will not release your photographs or dvd to anyone but yourself or with your express permission and copies of the photographs will only be kept for a maximum of 6 months. (If requested we can store for longer or destroy the copies earlier)

The originals will be returned to you as soon as copies have been made.

The slide shows themselves will be kept for a maximum of 1 year should further copies be required.

 Once the show is completed we will load it onto a private web page where you can view a low quality preview. At this time you can request any changes

What we need from you.

Obviously we would love to get high quality copies of your photographs to work with but we understand that this is not always possible.


We can work with prints, slides, negatives or digital files. We can also embed video and music files into your show. These should be mp3 and avi files where possible.

Basic colour correction and minor repairs are done as a matter of course but there may be a charge for any more extensive restoration if that is required.


You need to think about how you want to organise and group your photos. For instance for an anniversary show you could split it into chapters such as

1.       individual shots of the couple prior to marriage

2.       the wedding

3.       early years

4.       the family

5.       the grandchildren

6.       friends and family

You can also caption individual pictures or introductions to the various chapters/sections Music can be matched to the individual chapters or a single theme can run through the entire show. A rough method of timing music is to allow 8 seconds per slide/photo thus if a song is 3 minutes (180 seconds) long then a good number of photos would be 22. When sending the pictures you need to mark the order in which you want them to appear. This can be done by marking the rear of the prints or by numbering digital files in order. We recommend sending any prints via Royal Mail special delivery service. We will confirm receipt of your photographs. We cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage occurring whilst in transit to/from us.


If you are scanning your photographs and sending digital files then we recommend the following steps.

1- Clean the surface of the scanner with a lint free cloth.

2- Configure the scanner to save as JPEG (.jpg) at the highest quality level.

3- Configure the scanner so that automatic colour, contrast and brightness corrections are turned off.

4- Adjust the resolution of the scan based on the size of the photo as indicated below.

If your photos are:
Smaller then 46 - Scan at 600 dpi
46 -  Scan at 400 dpi
57 - Scan at 300 dpi
810 - Scan at 200 dpi

Save the scans as JPEG files (.jpg).  Your scanning software should allow you to adjust the quality level of the jpeg file.  Select the highest or second highest quality level, sometimes refereed to as 9 or 10 or 90 to 100% quality level.

If your scanning software has feature to automatically adjust the brightness, contrast and colour of photos, we recommend that you turn this feature off.  We use professional applications to adjust your photos and the results are much superior then what you would get from the scanner.


Your files can be sent on DVD, CD, Memory stick or we can arrange for you to download to us via ftp server  


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